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27 votes
7 answers

Encrypted traffic and amateur radio

Am I allowed to send encrypted traffic via any medium or any frequency, or is this completely barred (and thus everything has to be open with no exceptions?)
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3 answers

Are hashes (such as md5) legal in the US

If I were to implement a remote computer control system using amateur radio, would using hashes (such as md5, sha-*, etc...) for authentication be permissible under the United States rules?
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7 votes
1 answer

Signing of messages transmitted over ham radio

FCC Regulation 97.113 (a) 4 states that: "messages encoded for the purpose of obscuring their meaning" Are "Prohibited transmissions", I believe this is the clause that is used to prohibit ...
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Is compression "encryption" under FCC regs?

I read this question about digital signatures and FCC prohibitions on "obscuring" messages in amateur transmissions, and it cause me to think of something: the difference between encryption and ...
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In Canada, if I want to use DMR encryption on ham radio, how should I share my encryption key?

In Canada, one is permitted to "use a code or cipher that is not secret" on amateur radio. (See: under "...
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