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Why is my experiment to produce 3rd order harmonics by saturating a receiver not working

I've been trying to devise an experiment to produce a third order harmonic in radio receiver that's been saturated, but I'm not seeing the expected results. My understanding of the theory is that when ...
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Practical Resources for the Amateur Radio Student? [closed]

What electrical circuits can be easily build by someone with basic electrical engineering skills that exemplify the fundamental components of radios, antennas and so on?
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Are there virtual tools or resources for learning amateur radio on one's own?

I'm brand new to amateur radio, with no previous relevant technical background, and I, unfortunately, will be unlikely to participate significantly in a local club. So, I am trying to learn and grow ...
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Explain how an antenna works to an 18 year old

It's either math or magic. It seems like the only thing that will explain operation are complex formulas. If a child were to ask "how does an antenna work" what should one say, it magically changes ...
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What are specific areas that some people get into within amateur radio? [closed]

I just got licensed a few weeks back and have been connecting with repeaters on my 2m/7cm HT. My plan is to get a mobile antenna for use in the car and make an antenna for home operation. While those ...
6 votes
2 answers

Low parts count CW HF receiver?

I'd like to be able to provide my kids with the opportunity to build something a little better than a passive crystal set, but still very, very simple in terms of individual electronic parts count. ...
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11 votes
3 answers

What skills will I learn from contesting?

I got into Amateur Radio for emergency preparation and to allow me to expand my electronics hobby. My needs are being met, but I'm wondering if I'm missing out on increasing my skills by avoiding ...
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23 votes
3 answers

What is the body of knowledge the U.S. written exams test?

I'm considering getting a U.S. amateur radio operator license. If you want to study to pass a license test, there are many resources to learn the answers to the entirety of the question pool: online ...
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What should be in a one hour class about Radios in Boy Scouts [closed]

I have been tasked with teaching a one hour class to adults who lead Boy Scout troops about "Radios in Scouting". What should I teach them? Possible subjects include: Teaching the Radio Merit Badge ...
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