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Digital mobile radio, a digital voice mode found on VHF and UHF bands.

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2 answers

Excessive frequency deviation for DMR handsets?

A Hytera DMR handset that I am working with has a frequency deviation of 2300-2700 Hz. This is higher than the expected 1944.0 Hz frequency deviation specified in the DMR specification (ETSI TS 102 ...
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Repeater Amplifiers DMR vs Analog

I have recently purchased an amplifier for my repeater. This was actually my first amplifier purchase ever and should probably have asked more questions prior to buying it. The repeater is a ...
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Brandmeister API - How to get the Last Heard from the API

Using the API and looking thru the documentation I can't find anywhere how to pull the LastHeard that is on the LastHeard pages. Docs https://api....
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A new ham should start with Digital or Analog Portable Radio?

I am interested in acquiring two portable radios to talk between a family member and me (both new hams), e.g. when we go trekking in a National Park or to communicate in the same city. We used PRM ...
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Direct call via the repeaters

Is it possible and if, how does it work, to establish direct DMR call between two stations through different repeaters? Does it work in the similar way as opening temporary groups on repeaters or some ...
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In Canada, if I want to use DMR encryption on ham radio, how should I share my encryption key?

In Canada, one is permitted to "use a code or cipher that is not secret" on amateur radio. (See: under "...
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Texting not working, Radioddity GD-77

I'm getting text message sending failed, from Radioddity GD77: "Message Sending Fail", on hotspot connected to 262993 as described here:
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Need Help Setting up TS/CC's on XPR8300 Talk Groups

New Motorola XPR8300 repeater in place, but NO idea how to set up Talk Groups. HELP! Tommy NH7R
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1 answer

DMR code plug for Anytone d878uv

Just moved from SoCal and there were sites out there for exchanging code plugs for the Anytone 878uv. I was wondering if there are similar sites for the northeast of the US. I would love to get a ...
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Can the AT-D878UV be programmed for dPMR channels?

I am curious whether the Anytone AT-D878UV (which is a DMR radio) can be programmed to receive dPMR channels. I understand that the big difference between DMR and dPMR is the technique used to divide ...
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How to send DMR SMS using MMDVM modem or hackrf?

I have a baofeng DMR radio with SMS feature, and since there is not much DMR radio owners in my area I want to do something myself. The easiest thing I can do I thought is to send myself some SMS as ...
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Did I enter my digital ID in Hytera PD785G?

Some time ago, I set up my Hytera PD785G. Unfortunately, I can't remember whether I have only requested my digital ID (I can look it up on or whether I have also entered it into the ...
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3 answers

Is roaming strictly a DMR feature or does it also relate to analog?

I've an AnyTone 878uv pluss and I want to know if roaming is only a DMR feature or if it can be used with analog repeaters?
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2 votes
1 answer

Digital Modes Transmission Traffic Comparisons

I am looking for data that compares the number of transmissions per month or year among the various digital modes such as DMR, D-star and Fusion. I want to see how popular these technologies have ...
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Help with ZaStone D900

I ordered a ham radio from eBay (doesn't matter which one) and I have gotten a completely different one than what I ordered. I'm quite new to amateur radio so please excuse my innocence/idiocy. I ...
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DMR Repeated Audio Packets

I have been performing several weak signal tests using the DMR mode. One of three things seems to happen when a signal gets weak. Audio is completely dropped for duration of weak signal. Audio ...
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What are the key differences between Hytera DMR and MotoTRBO?

What I'm really curious about is if anyone can provide a high level overview of the two technologies. I know that they are both utilizing the DMR standard, but from what I have read is that the way ...
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Modulation details of Digital Mobile Radio (DMR)

I'd like to implement a digital demodulator for Digital Mobile Radio (DMR). Note I'm not concerned about decoding of the audio: I realize that requires a proprietary codec. What are the details of ...
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Blocking a specfic DMR ID

Is it possible to block a specific DMR ID Rx, sort of "ignore"? If so, is it repeater-based, or it has to be set locally, on radio? Speaking of popular md380/390 radios, there is a "Call Alert" ...
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