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3 votes
1 answer

Can I use a directional coupler to block reflected AC current from a mismatched antenna?

Is there any kind of directional coupler device such as you find in a SWR meter that only allows traveling AC waves of one direction to pass which i could use to block the reflected wave from my badly ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Selecting Directional Coupler for VSWR Measurement

Assume directional coupler is coupling with 16dB attenuation when signal is traveling from input to output. And directivity is let's say 20dB. If I understand correctly, when the RF signal is ...
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3 votes
2 answers

calculating power from directional coupler

I've designed an pulsed RF generator (50-100 MHz) and am using a directional coupler to measure power into a 50 ohm dummy load. The forward power from the coupler is plugged into a o-scope (hi Z ...
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3 votes
4 answers

Are directional couplers ever used in duplex repeater systems?

I understand that most single-band repeaters will use a tuned cavity duplexer to isolate the received signal from the transmitted signal, since the frequencies are very close and extremely sharp ...
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