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Encompasses a variety of digital modes that seek to modulate a digital signal with the sound of the human voice.

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Kosher to setup a D-Star (or DV) repeater on 10m?

Equipment availability and other logistics aside, is it kosher in the US to fire up a D-Star (or other digital voice) repeater in the appropriate portion of 10m? I haven't been able to find any ...
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Frequency for UHF hot spot in the US

Approximately what frequency should my UHF Pi-Star be set on in the US? Is there a standard?
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Is PC to Digital Radio possible, is there an existing solution?

Is it possible to setup up an interface from a PC to a digital radio that is able to communicate with a Hytera PD702 handheld (450-520MHz) or like type radio? Or are there off the shelf radios that ...
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Digital transmission sounds

I'm playing with an RTL-SDR dongle and an LNA, on Linux Mint with GQRX and DSD A lot of frequencies show digital transmissions, which the DSD is not converting. I don't whether it is a format DSD ...
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DVMega / DVDongle with a TNC connection to radio

What I want to do is add digital voice (DMR, D-Star, Fusion) capability to an existing dual band mobile or HT. Similar to adding APRS functionality using APRSDroid and a bluetooth TNC. Reading here, I ...
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DMR Repeated Audio Packets

I have been performing several weak signal tests using the DMR mode. One of three things seems to happen when a signal gets weak. Audio is completely dropped for duration of weak signal. Audio ...
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P25 Digital vs. Analog

Recently, I was given a Motorola XTS 5000 (Model 1) P25 radio to play around with. It has several local repeaters already programmed into it. It is set for "Mixed Mode", which will receive ...
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DMR / DSTAR / P25 Software Encode / Decode

The large VHF / UHF digital voice communication modes all require the same AMBE vocoder chip from dvsinc. This surface mount chip can be aquired standalone for a relatively high price or all of the ...
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HD quality voice?

Are there any existing codecs or modes, or are hams experimenting with modes that provide better than telephone/radio quality sound? It seems like there's a lot of opportunity here to stick to narrow ...
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Preferred signal report format for Digital Voice?

When using FreeDV or other digital voice modes, what's the preferred signal report? The software has a single SNR number, but that fluctuates quickly. Since it's a digital mode, you either get the ...
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Is is possible to operate D-Star from a software-defined radio?

What is preventing a software-defined radio from transmitting the D-Star protocol?
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VHF/UHF digital single-frequency repeater without duplexers?

Some digital voice protocols are time slotted (TDMA), i.e. the transmitter of a station is not on all the time, and multiple stations may transmit digital voice on the same frequency at the same time ...
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