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Questions tagged [digital-modes]

Transmission of digital signals over Amateur Radio, including modes like PSK-31, RTTY, JT-65, JT-9, etc.

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APRS-IS filter by message sender

I'm using KD0NKS' JS-based APRS-IS demo to query APRS-IS servers directly. I'm trying to only receive messages sent from my callsign using server-side filters. I've tried using a budlist filter (b/), ...
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CML FX919B Forward Error Correcting

I would like to decode de-interleaved demodulated 4FSK symbols that were transmitted using the CML FX919B chip. The datasheet only gives the following information: Forward Error Correction In ...
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How to send DMR SMS using MMDVM modem or hackrf?

I have a baofeng DMR radio with SMS feature, and since there is not much DMR radio owners in my area I want to do something myself. The easiest thing I can do I thought is to send myself some SMS as ...
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Is this signal BFSK or BPSK?

I'm trying to analyse a signal from a HVAC remote control (864 MHz) with my HackRF, but I'm facing an interrogation about the used modulation: Is it BFSK (frequency modulation) or BPSK (phase ...
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Which digital modes are formally specified sufficiently to be implemented?

Which currently popular digital/SDR modes do not require a pre-compiled library or pre-written source code? (e.g. has actually been used for QSOs as implemented from specification or sufficiently ...
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Is APRS the tracking protocol for the BTech GMRS PRO or the Vero 75 Ham version

Looking for confirmation if the Btech GMRS Pro and the Vero 75 are using APRS as the tracking protocol for their radio's. We're working on an EmComm/ EOC integration project and were looking to see ...
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Improving Vara HF speeds

I'm using Winlink with a laptop hooked up to an IC-7300. The registered version of Vara theoretically supports speeds up to 8,500 bps, but I'm seeing speeds more like 700 bpm. Is there anything I can ...
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HobbyPCB IQ32 SDR Data modes cable?

has anyone DIY datamodes cable for HobbyPCB IQ32 SDR ? Im thinking of using SPKR/MIC/PTT port and expose it either towards external USB soundcard (or USB soundcard stick), or directly to laptop USB. ...
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FLDigi Crashes When Trying to Load RigCAT Description File

I am trying to setup FLDigi with my ICOM-7300 via the USB connection so I can start using digital modes. Everytime I try to follow the instructions here, it doesn't work. Specifically, everytime I try ...
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Is it suitable to use DSSS in a narrow-band channel for a power-starved system

I want to build a system that can transmit data through 2-way radios as far as possible. I use the "line-in" as the input of the baseband signal in the transmitter and use the "audio out" as the ...
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rsid seems hard coded to be disabled when in PSK31 or RTTY mode. Only works for other modes

So I asked ARRL about the RSID being sent before they make a bulletin transmission, which they said was on but it was not being sent that I could see before the transmission. The RTTY mode just starts ...
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