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Repeater Amplifiers DMR vs Analog

I have recently purchased an amplifier for my repeater. This was actually my first amplifier purchase ever and should probably have asked more questions prior to buying it. The repeater is a ...
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Has any computer been hacked over amateur radio digital modes?

We don't normally worry about security in ham radio, because we can't encrypt our transmissions anyway in the vast majority of cases. Some niche protocols support authentication of messages, but that'...
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Device that plays only the audio component of a TV signal

Some radios have a TV dial, such as the Tecsun R-909T. But before purchasing, I tried to find a video demonstration of his work. I was confused by the fact that the work of a conventional radio is ...
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Is it legal to make transmissions to one's own auto-confirming radio with the intent that a non-licensed person read the messages?

Is this scenario legal? John, K1ABC, sends this message from a portable QTH: K1ABC-1 DE K1ABC-2 On the way home DE K1ABC/P John's home radio automatically responds ...
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