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Elevated ground plane

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7 answers

When and why does the size of a ground plane or radials matter?

Consider these three cases: My understanding is that when building or installing an antenna designed to operate over a ground plane (e.g. a quarter-wave vertical), the size of the ground plane does ...
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How Does the Performance of Elevated Radials Differ from That of Buried Radials?

NEC4.2 provides some information about this topic that may be of interest to some readers.
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6 votes
7 answers

Does a 1/2 wavelength end-fed antenna need a good RF ground?

I was searching for DIY end-fed antenna. Some of the articles I found say that for a 1/2 wavelength end-fed I need a "small to no counterpoise" (with a lambda*0.05 m counterpoise), but some other ...
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How low can a vertical dipole be mounted?

An answer to this question suggests that raising a vertical dipole sufficiently can create the effect of a phased array. How about the opposite. How low can a vertical dipole be mounted? Can a ...
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Vertical antenna

I'm installing a vertical antenna in back yard. About 20 feet in height and using 1 counterpoise wire 16 feet for 20 meters. Does installing two or more counterpoise wires help?
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