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Questions tagged [computer-control]

Controlling a transceiver using software running on a separate personal computer. See also: [software-defined-radio], [audio-interface].

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2 answers

Odd Yaesu CAT command of MS which the docs name as "Meter SW"

This is for the FTDX10 but I suspect this MS command is also there for other Yaesu rigs. This is NOT the command to read the Po/S/SWR/ALC/etc meters as the RM (Read Meter) command is used for that. ...
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Why does Ham Radio Deluxe stops working when I change the AGC setting on my Icom IC-705 radio?

When I start rig control on Ham Radio Deluxe it works as long as AGC in my Icom IC-705 is in medium and I don't change it. If it's in slow it manages to read the frequency, but then it gets stuck. If ...
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Can't connect to my Yaesu FT5D on Windows, what could be the problem?

I installed the driver that Yaesu offers, name PL23XX_Prolific_DriverInstaller_v402, and I'm plugging it to a USB port in my computer using the cable that came with the Yaesu FT5D and then I get this ...
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2 answers

Is an Icom radio’s model ID info available via a CI-V command?

I have built a prototype device using an Arduino Nano Every which communicates (using CI-V commands) with Icom radios, to augment control of them. Currently I use the default addresses of the “target ...
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Yaesu FT817ND + (Bluetooth) CAT control + ESP32 microcontroller: reading SWR "programmatically"?

I am building a wireless control system for a magnetic loop antenna. The system uses an ESP32 microcontroller (that has Bluetooth and WiFi) that automatically drives the magloop capacitor by means of ...
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Easy Digi PTT circuit with Baofeng or Kenwood HT stays on after transmitting on VHF

I got my Easy Digi all wired up correctly, believe me, it took a while because of this issue. I've ruled out the FTDI controller I'm using because I can manually activate the optocoupler but supplying ...
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3 votes
2 answers

how to sink 9-15v under control of 5v or 3.3v pin to 'key-down' transceiver?

I want to use an Arduino to control keying transmission on a simple CW-only transceiver (think: forty-9er or Pixie). Looking at the schematics of various such transceivers, they basically 'key down' ...
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0 answers

Connecting Linux to Yaesu FT3D via bluetooth for audio into Direwolf?

I'm looking to connect my Yaesu FT3D ham radio to a Linux laptop via bluetooth. I understand it only does audio over bluetooth, but for my use case that's acceptable. My end goal is to run Direwolf ...
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I'm trying to configure HRD for IC7300 but cannot connect / detect frequency

Got the firmware updated. Got the Driver updated. Got the software updated. Went through instructions several times.
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1 answer

Does the 450D work with Winlink and allow Winlink to control changing frequencies and bands?

Will the 450D computer control program interface with Winlink and allow Winlink to change radio frequencies/bands?
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1 vote
2 answers

Kenwood TM-D710E in packet mode: does not transmit

I own a Kenwood TM-D710E. I connected it via the COM-connector on the panel to a Raspberry pi. On the panel I selected "packet12" (with the TNC button). After that, I can send TNC commands ...
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1 answer

Ten Tec Argo IV wont connect to Fldigi on R Pi

Cannot connect to Raspberry Pi with Fldigi, ttyusb0 does not show up in any cat control functions. I can connect my TS590S to the Pi and I can connect the Ten Tec to any window machine. But I cannot ...
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What contemporary digital modes do not require a GUI? [closed]

Assume a computer (Raspberry Pi, Mac, etc.) is used to connect to a radio (HF transceiver, etc.) via audio cable(s), USB port, or GPIO, etc. What contemporary computer DSP/digital modes, of those ...
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Is PC to Digital Radio possible, is there an existing solution?

Is it possible to setup up an interface from a PC to a digital radio that is able to communicate with a Hytera PD702 handheld (450-520MHz) or like type radio? Or are there off the shelf radios that ...
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3 votes
3 answers

What equipment do I need to receive radio and connect to PC for listening

A great many moons ago, I spent a 24 hour period with a HAM radio connected to a PC, and listening to transmissions from a massive number of sources. Some of the transmissions included Morse, RTTY, ...
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Kenwood TS-50 and USB to Serial

I paired my old Kenwood TS-50 with serial, by using FTDI TTL-232-5V-AJ USB to serial converter. I used ideas from here: and here http://i.imgur....
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1 answer

Using an OPC-478 programming cable for CI-V

I have an [clone of] an Icom OPC-478 programming cable for my IC-208H. I thought I read that I can use that same cable to do CI-V with my IC-706 if I can find an 1/8" mono (male) to 1/8" stereo (...
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computer control for Yaesu FT-450

I just acquired a Yaesu FT-450 and am interested in what it can do when connected to my PC. I see that there is programming software available with which one can load information into the 450's ...
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Separated audio and ptt

how important and why is the audio, ptt ev. CAT interface separation from PC? I saw solutions with separating transformers and PTT, but directly connected CAT. Does it make sense? And is there any ...
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1 answer

Confusion about radio-computer interfaces: TNC, CAT, TRRS, Wolphi Link, ...?

This is probably a very simple and stupid question, but I'm getting more confused over time. Perhaps it is a matter of terminology, but a unified resource differentiating and explaining the different ...
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4 answers

Looking for a UHF / VHF transceiver for PC.`

I am looking for a simple UHF / VHF transceiver that I can plug into my PC via USB and be able to RX/TX on one channel, using the built in mic... Maybe even record the RX from the freq. Everything I ...
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How can I establish a wireless link between my PC and TenTec 506 / chipKIT UNO32 using USB port?

I have a TenTec 506 HF transceiver that uses a Digilent chipKIT UNO32 microcontroller. My PC running Teraterm (serial connection) or the MPIDE monitor is connected to the microcontroller's mini B USB ...
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