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CI-V, Icom's radio/computer interface protocol.

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Is an Icom radio’s model ID info available via a CI-V command?

I have built a prototype device using an Arduino Nano Every which communicates (using CI-V commands) with Icom radios, to augment control of them. Currently I use the default addresses of the “target ...
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How do I send a raw CI-V command via rigctl?

With my ICom 9700 the CI-V reference manual says that I should be able to send the command 0x07, subcommand 0xD0, to select the Main band, and 0xD1 to select the Sub band. subcommend 0xB0 to exchange ...
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What does CI-V stand for?

In the context of controlling a radio from a computer, what does CI-V stand for? I've noticed in relationship to a jack as well as USB. For example, from the Icom IC-7300 manual:
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