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Questions specific to rules, regulations, and practices in Canada.

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Operating on the US-Canada Border

How would one identify if one were operating from a location directly on the US/Canada border? Wxxxx/VEx or Wxxxx? How about POTA? If I were to operate a POTA twofer on the boundary at the border of ...
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6.765 - 6.795 MHz ISM band for prototype testing

Not strictly a ham radio question, but I figure this is the most knowledgable community to ask. This question pertains to Canada, specifically. If I were wanting to build a prototype for a commercial ...
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2m frequency allocation for channels

I'm studying for my ham test and have a question that isn't clearly answered in my study guide. On 2m, it seems channels are spaced 15Khz or 20 Khz or 30KHz apart, and (I think) channels have a ...
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In Canada, if I want to use DMR encryption on ham radio, how should I share my encryption key?

In Canada, one is permitted to "use a code or cipher that is not secret" on amateur radio. (See: under "...
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How much of the 136 - 174 mhz spectrum is actually in use?

I know that 144-148 and 156-157 mhz ranges are in use, and various fire/ems/police, but outside of that, I see a lot of earth-to-space, weather stuff and space research allotments (talking about ...
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What are the steps to become an amateur operator in Canada?

A little background. My uncle devoted part of his late life to ham radio, he had his callsign and would go install/fix radio systems all the time,travel across the country and would teach newcomers ...
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In Canada, does a person need to be licensed to buy amateur radio equipment?

I have studied for and am ready to take my amateur radio license test but there are currently no licensed instructors available in my region to administer the test. Can I start acquiring ham radio ...
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What frequencies in 118–173 MHz can I transmit on without a license in Canada?

I have a Kenwood TM-261. It has the frequencies from 118 to 173 MHz. What frequencies can I transmit on without a licence?
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How can a ham from a non-CEPT country operate in Canada?

Long time maritime operator now semi-retired and messin' about with radios. Family in NL and want to bring my little QRP 40-meter rig this summer. I'd like to operate in Canada, specifically VO1 while ...
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How many HF (FT8/JT65/BPSK/RTTY etc) amateurs are active in Canada? [closed]

It's silent over there... USA is full of FT8 stations, in Canada you can count them on one hand and you don't even need all your fingers...
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I received a RESTRICTED RADIO LICENSE in 1974. Is it still valid? [closed]

In the summer of 1974 I worked as a water taxi operator in Howe Sound with the headquarters in Horseshoe Bay. One of the requirements of employment required me to get what I remember as being a ...
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Are any handsets compliant with Canadian regs usable on both 2M amateur and 2M commercial bands? Is this even possible?

It is rumoured that radio handsets are sometimes used in Canada on 2-metre amateur bands without being certified with Industry Canada. Some of those sets may be modified or reprogrammed to operate on ...
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What are FCC/Industry Canada certification requirements for amateur radio related products?

I know for part 15 licensed devices, there's special FCC certification, and something similar on the Canadian side. What about for amateur radio transmitters? They follow part 97 laws, and it's the ...
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Would I be able to legally operate this FM transmitter without a license in Canada?

I've been looking into FM transmitters, and I've found one that I think I may use. The transmitter is based off of the KT0803L integrated circuit ( The ...
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In Canada do I need an Advanced license to use a DVAP?

In Canada do I need an Advanced license to use a D-Star DVAP hotspot?
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Can club stations register callsigns on the D-Star network?

Some of the members at my local radio club are interested in working with D-Star. Since the equipment is very expensive, it was proposed that the club purchase and operate one rig collectively. Is ...
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Can unlicensed users operate at a Canadian club station?

I am a radio amateur licenced in Canada and a member of a local club station. At a recent meeting, someone asked me whether they could operate at the station if they did not have a radio licence. I am ...
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Amateur Radio License: USA or Canada, does it matter?

I'm hoping to take the exam in the fall. My question is, does it matter whether I do so in the US or Canada? I would like to operate the radio at my school in Canada, but I do get the chance to come ...
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What is the most common amateur identification practice for mobile US amateurs operating in Canada?

When a US Amateur operates in Canada, IT and Canadian regs permit some lattitude on their identification. I have read that some will prefix a "VE3" plus their own home callsign (Ontario, meaning I am ...
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Does a Canadian amateur radio operator’s certificate expire?

I obtained my Canadian Basic with Honours certificate in the late 90's and haven't done much with it since. Was looking to get back into the hobby. Has my certificate expired? Do I need to take the ...
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Does a person still need a ham radio license?

Way back when, if my recollection is correct, the requirement for using ham radio was to have a license and the required skill was some level of Morse code proficiency. I have heard that Morse code ...
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