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2 answers

Sanity check: Should I be able to hear this 20m beacon?

I’m in Sacramento and have an EFHW antenna about 30’ up. I expected to be able to hear the W6WX 14.100 beacon without issue but I cannot. The distance is about 140 miles and the beacon transmits its ...
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How to make GRC flowgraph run and stop automatically during some period

I have beacon receiver program the flowgraph is shown here I have to make the flowgraph run and stop automatically during a preset period, because I have to make the flowgraph only work when the ...
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Use ham to broadcast GPS RTK correction data

I am involved in a precise positioning project that uses Real Time Kinematic (RTK) for cm-accurate positioning. We use unattended base stations that provide real-time corrections for mobile rovers. ...
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Scanner radio for 433MHz locator beacon

I am looking for a recommendation of an inexpensive scanner radio that should be used to locate animals equipped with 433MHz locator beacons. The beacons (based on DRA887TX) will send periodic tones. ...
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model rocket locater

I'm trying to determine the best way to operate a model rocket tracking beacon. There's various vague details on modes of operating in part 97, and equally vague descriptions in the 70cm band plan, ...
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Is this beacon the tail end of a 'Numbers Station' broadcast?

I was recently scanning through the short-wave frequencies and stumbled upon a series of repeating tones, which then cut to classical music and then a woman speaking French (unconfirmed). Later I was ...
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What would letter T mean in this radio beacon message?

I'm currently picking up signal from a beacon using RTL-SDR and decoding the Morse code on a computer using gMFSK program. The beacon is sending message which decodes as "T DE YU1VHF LOC KN04OO". I ...
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Is there a disadvantage to using a cheap HT for APRS?

Looking to build a cheap (not even inexpensive, just dirt cheap) APRS beacon transmitter. Right now you can get a dual band handheld transceiver with rechargeable battery, antenna, etc for under $31 [...
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FM radio in car gets interference from APRS beacon

The FM broadcast radio, factory installed in my car and usually tuned to 88.6 MHz, gets some interference from the 5W APRS transmitter on 144.800 MHz. It sounds like if the sensitivity of the ...
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