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Amateur radio television transmission and reception

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Transmitting Video Underwater

My brother and I are considering designing and building a remotely controlled submarine. As far as experience, I have some knowledge on RC systems, and I am almost done with my General license. My ...
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How narrow-band can a DVB-S2 signal be?

Using software defined radios I can generate and demodulate a DVB-S2 signal live. I'm wondering if I can use this to send single pictures over the air using as narrow BW as possible. Using QPSK and a ...
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How do I receive ATV with GNU Radio?

How do I receive Amateur television (ATV) — e.g., NTSC in the U.S. — with GNU Radio so I can play the A/V in, e.g., the VLC video player? Are there any example GNU Radio block diagrams to accomplish ...
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What modes are used for transmitting motion pictures video?

SSTV permits transmission of single images, or if one desires image sequences at a very low framerate. Are there specific Amateur Modes that are meant for real time (motion pictures) video ...
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Is it possible for an amateur to transmit ATSC?

Amateur television has long used the NTSC (analog) television standards to transmit video and audio. Several years ago, the digital broadcast television transition made higher-quality television ...
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