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American Radio Relay League (ARRL), the largest association of amateur radio enthusiasts in the USA

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Why are the signals that my antenna is receiving weak? [closed]

I recently bought the EFHW antenna kit from ARRL, put it together, and set it up. But, my received signals were not clear enough to hear clearly. Is the problem specific to the antenna from ARRL, my ...
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Are there any stations other than W1AW that fall under 47 CFR 97.113(a)(3)(iv)?

47 CFR 97.113(a)(3) normally prohibits amateurs from transmitting [c]ommunications in which the station licensee or control operator has a pecuniary interest, including communications on behalf of an ...
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How do I get QSL cards from the Incoming Bureau?

I'm new to QSLing and want to know how to get QSL cards from an incoming bureau in the USA. I have sent outgoing cards recently and want to know how to acquire the replies. Could somebody describe the ...
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ARRL numbered text ARL65 (ARL SIXTY FIVE) - what do the gaps stand for?

I am trying to understand ARRL numbered text messages and this one is not clear to me: ARL SIXTY FIVE: Arriving _______ on _______. Please arrange to meet me there. The second gap seems to be ...
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Is the ARRL website distributing malware? I'm not sure who to contact

When I was visiting the ARRL/become a VE site on my iPhone and I try to download the PDF for the application form, it redirects me to a malware site. I have confirmed this with other ham friends and ...
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ARRL handbook as a reference for all your radio learning needs?

Looking to take up learning understanding everything from basic electronics to how today's wideband radios work, so that I can build my own radio systems (not just ham radios), and talk radio concepts ...
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Is the Relay in ARRL still relevant?

The second R in ARRL stands for Relay, but is that still as relevant in the 21st century? Has it been relevant since broad damped-wave spark transmitters were supplanted with tube-generated CW, which ...
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Why do the metres seem to be increasing with frequency?

I went to the ARRL's band plan site at, and the first table began with the 60-metre band, which starts at 1.8MHz and ends at 2.0MHz. ...
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What is my VE status?

I was an ARRL VE years ago. The info about ARRL VEs says that you remain a VE and the only way one will be dropped is loss of license. However, years ago to be a valid VE one would have to have a ...
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Best way for US ham to join RSGB

Overseas hams can join RSGB from their site for 51 GBP, which today is about 79 USD. USA hams can also join through the ARRL for 75 USD. Assuming the $4 is not a factor, are there any advantages to ...
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Beginner: Is there another book? [closed]

Is there another book I can use to study for my test? This ARRL Ham Radio License Manual book (Level 1 ) is HORRIBLE! I never had electronics anything in school nor electricity. I got through the ...
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What's the difference between national calling frequency and national simplex calling frequency in the 2m and 70cm band plans published by ARRL?

On the 2 meter and 70 centimeter band plans published by the ARRL, what is the difference in intended use between the calling frequencies (144.200, 432.10 MHz) and the simplex calling frequencies (146....
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Would I still be a valid volunteer examiner?

I'm currently an ARRL member, and a volunteer examiner under the ARRL/VEC. I find myself needing to cut back on expenses this year and may end up dropping the ARRL membership. If I do so, am I still ...
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The ARRL handbook updates yearly. Is it useful to buy it every year?

There seem to be updates to the ARRL handbook every year, but I don't know if the updates are significant or not. Is the yearly update minor, and buying a new one every 10 years would be enough to ...
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Is CW necessary to be competitive in most ARRL contests?

The ARRL hosts many contests throughout the year, and maintains a leaderboard of sorts to encourage competition. Is it possible to rank on any of the leaderboards without knowing or using morse code?
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How is a "Generally Inactive" ham determined for Field Day GOTA?

ARRL Field Day Rules allow a GOTA station to be operated by "a generally inactive licensee. " There are members of my club which started to become active again after a long term of inactivity a few ...
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