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Questions relating to the setup and use of antenna tuners, the virtues and shortcomings of various types of tuners, etc.

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Help designing a random wire antenna to work with my tuner

I recently picked up an Icom M802 marine HF radio that includes ham bands and an Icom AT-140 antenna tuner. I have a ham license, but have been away from HF for many years and have never used a random ...
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TS-590 Antenna Tuner Protocol

I'm looking for the protocol used by Kenwood's TS-590S antenna tuner port. I've worked as far as I can with Kenwood's tech support. They know what the pins are labeled, but don't have any information ...
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Help understanding Kenwood AT-230 tuner topology

Can you help me understand what the topology of my Kenwood antenna tuner is trying to do and what it might be compared to? Below is the schematic of my Kenwood AT-230 antenna tuner, and below that ...
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homebrew t match atu issues

my homemade tmatch atu is ok on 80+40m but seems too have too mutch inductance on the bands above 40m,it has a 50mm/20cm roller coaster,i have a 40m doublet+ 4-1 balun+ common mode choke fitted in the ...
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