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The system composed of an antenna and a feed line, and possibly also an RF ground connection, antenna tuner, balun, phasing device, et cetera.

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S Parameters in HFSS

I'm new to HFSS Software and I'm trying to plot Scattering parameters for a dielectric resonator excited by a probe (shown in image). I know that the top cylinder has a higher dielectric than the ...
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How do I determine the necessary isolation and antenna spacing between TX and RX antenna for repeater

Here's the situation. I'm going to be installing a couple of VHF repeaters at a site and am now choosing antenna placement on the tower. My understanding is that to determine the separation of TX/RX ...
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Printed Dipole Transmission Line Equivalent Model

let's consider a printed dipole on a substrate with a GND plane: I've seen many times an equivalent model which uses transmission lines like this (reference): This model is useful to understand the ...
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