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Questions tagged [antenna-construction]

Materials and methods for building antennas, and design of supporting (non-conductive) structures. For design of antennas themselves, use [antenna-theory] instead.

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Help designing a random wire antenna to work with my tuner

I recently picked up an Icom M802 marine HF radio that includes ham bands and an Icom AT-140 antenna tuner. I have a ham license, but have been away from HF for many years and have never used a random ...
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Turnstile antennas with a "single-point feed": what's the antenna theory behind this, and how do I build/model it?

The conventional turnstile antenna uses a 1/4wl phasing line between the crossed elements, to get the required phase shift. 4nec2 includes an example file, though, of a circularly-polarized Yagi using ...
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Insulated mounting pole section for vertical dipole?

I am considering improving my 2m vertical dipole by replacing the top section of mounting pole with non-conducting tube. Will this have a positive effect on gain? I am theorising that the downward ...
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Biconical antennas - bandwidth and installation

I am posting this question (and its related question) here because of the unique expertise that Ham Radio Operators have as it relates to antennas. I'm a newish Ham and really appreciate your help ...
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End fed half-wave dipole only measured 5 ohms

This is a bit unusual but I am trying to diy a simple high impedance antenna running in 2.45GHz, for some explorations in ultra-narrow band applications in WiFi. And I have heard in ham radio ...
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How do I Construct a Simple FM Antenna?

I recently bought a cheap stereo amplifier with built in FM receiver from Amazon at the first link below. Testing it out today I found the FM reception to be sub-par. All of my local stations that I ...
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End Fed 160-10 meter Antenna

The antenna as shown here has a counterpoise, but I can't remember how long it is. Its shape is dictated by what trees and distance I have available. It tunes 160 meters ok with my auto tuner. ...
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LTE (4G) - Which external/outdoor antenna type is the best?

I've seen several antenna types out there, but I can't know for sure which model is the best for external/outdoor LTE (4G) use. I have to say that I don't understand anything about LTE (4G) antennas......
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For a 5'X9'balcony up 12-18 ft I need a good short antenna for 40m USB. Openings ~5x 8 ft to west 5'X4ft to south w/3' metal balustrades

Is there a 2-3 meter long loaded dipole for the USB 40m ham band that I can use on a 2nd floor balcony?
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Troubleshooting range on Lora Radio

I am using these Adafruit LoRa radio microcontrollers: M0 radio paired with these parts to make up the antenna system: antenna connector cable And for some reason I am unable to get much further than ...
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How to stabilize an antenna

I have an antenna on a building. It is made of steel and is about 10ft long. It wobbles a bit in high winds. It is not going to do a Tacoma Narrows but it is a bit annoying. Can I tie stainless steel ...
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what frequencies is this antenna cut for?

I just bought a magnet-mount whip antenna at a garage sale. It has no brand markings anywhere on it. it is 32" long overall but is broken up into three segments by what appear to be two small ...
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Built a 2 meter 5 element Yagi

Straight dipoles. I can't get the Yagi to tune. I have tried the 4:1 Balun method with coax but not able to tune. With the straight unbalanced input to the dipole I get a 1:1 swr on about 129 MHz ...
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