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Use this tag for questions relating specifically to the amateur radio HF allocation of 14 000 to 14 350 kHz.

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HF vertical 1/4w antenna on a tin roof?

I would like to build a 1/4 ~ vertical antenna on my tin roof for a ground plane. Does the angle of the roof matter? Should the antenna be vertical, or perpendicular to the roof? Would it be better ...
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Why is 20m band waterfall showing signals every 50 kHz?

I'm very new to shortwave listening and just got to grips with my RTL SDR HF dongle. Last night while on the 20m band, there were signals exactly every 50kHz, starting exactly at 14.000MHz, then at 14....
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I'm looking for an effective beam antenna for both 20 meters and 10 meters

My favorite HF bands are 20 meters and 10 meters. I am currently using a multi-band vertical antenna, but it's not so great for DX'ing. I am looking for a good upgrade. I'm still learning a lot about ...
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Receiver using a NE602 oscillator-mixer not working

I built a CW receiver using NE602 for the 20m band. Unfortunately, I do not receive any CW or SSB signals, only some noise and sometimes broadcast stations. The schematic here shows the circuit that ...
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Do I need a Balun for a single band QRP antenna?

I have a little MFJ QRP CW 20m rig that I plan to turn into a portable kit for SOTA peaks. I have everything figured out except for the antenna. I am wanting to make a dipole. However, I was wondering,...
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Adapting an antenna coupler

I've built AA5TB's antenna coupler: I left out C2 because I didn't understand why I would need it - why would I? It works fine without. Unfortunately, when I started tuning for a 5W 20m transceiver, ...
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Homebrew 20M SSB receiver design? [closed]

I'm looking for as simple as possible homebrew 20M SSB receiver design. I just want to start listening, but at the same time learn some radio fundamentals. So rather than buying a shortwave receiver ...
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