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Questions about antennas, other equipment, and operating practices specific to the 160-metre/meter band.

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Why is QRN so bad on the low HF and MF bands?

If one tunes an HF/MF radio at night, the lower the frequency (or the longer the wavelength) of the band, the more QRN (static and atmospheric noise) there is. 80m is noisier than 40m, and 160m is ...
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Is a 1/4 wave vertical actually better than inverted L on 160m?

Surprisingly, I am unable to find much info comparing these two antennas. Essentially, they are the same except the one is shorter and top loaded with one wire. Does anyone have any performance data ...
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What are Radio-location Services in the 1.9-2.0 MHz range?

I'm currently studying for the General Exam and in looking at charts of the new frequency privileges have run across a restriction I would like to have further defined. In the 160 meter band the books ...
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Antenna suggestions for 160m band in smallish yard?

I have a decent-sized but not huge yard (roughly 50x100' / 15x30m) and I'd like to get on the 160-metre band. It's hard enough to get out on this band so I'm looking to do something reasonably ...
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