I am currently thinking about joining the shortwave radio community, and know that if I was going to operate one in the U.S., I would need a license to operate in a certain range. But I am not living in the United States, I am living in the island nation of Haiti (located in the Caribbean, I hope this picture is not copyrighted):

I have tried to find any laws, but can't find anything on it. But all in all, I don't want the authorities showing up at my door, asking for a license.


There is precious little information available online, but it seems highly probable that amateur radio is regulated in Haiti. The regulator is called CONATEL and has a website (http://www.conatel.gouv.ht) but I was unable to find any information on its website about amateur radio ("radio amateur" in French).

There are hams in Haiti with callsigns, though, which is strong evidence that there is some regulation. Some websites allege that there may only be a few licensed hams in Haiti, perhaps in the single digits.

I would suggest contacting CONATEL and asking them. Haiti could sure use some more radio amateurs, since it's so prone to natural disasters.

EDIT: Here is a blog post that has some postal contact information for an amateur radio club in Port-au-Prince: http://f4czv-richard.blogspot.ca/2017/12/haiti-le-radio-club-dhaiti-fetera-ses.html

  • $\begingroup$ The funny part about all this is that, almost every FM-AM frequency is being broadcasted on, causes a lot of interference. But me, being a foreigner would be targeted, but if they caught me using a shortwave transceiver I would be fined(throughly, lol), while the government should be trying to shut down the broadcasters without licenses. $\endgroup$ – Mr.Zeus Feb 7 '18 at 23:00

Because of ITU treaty, all amateurs that transmits on HF must have a license.


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