What is the correct sign for ";" in morse?

FLdigi converts "-.-.-." to ";" whereas in various code lookup tables I see "-.-.-"

Can both be used or is one of the morse codes valid?


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As far as I understand in "International Morse Code" the '-.-.-' is used as "Attention" or "start of message". Reference here

Based on a short search, it seems that '-.-.-.' is commonly accepted as semicolon in "International Morse Code", and is likely correct. The Wiki article seems to suggest the same, but is hardly authoritative without further reference.

I have not found an official publication for this, as the ITU-R document referenced does not mention this character.

Even section 3 "Transmission of signs for which there is no corresponding signal in the Morse code" does not suggest an alternative code.

You might have stumbled on a "not formally defined, but has a common practice", in which case I would choose '-.-.-.' as your most likely candidate, as '-.-.-' has an ITU-R definition.

[EDIT] I just found a duplicate question on this site, here

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