I am a GNU Radio beginner, and I use the following code to make the block's output-port output a pmt data:

int d_pdu=cnt_int;
pmt::pmt_t pdu = pmt::mp(d_pdu);

And the "QT GUI Message Edit Box" only can show me that date in type 'int'. But I can't use it as an integer data. How to change its data type? Is there a block that can make pmt into int?

  • $\begingroup$ I'm surprised – the QT Gui Message Edit Box should be able to be set to different types, and is set to "String" by default. $\endgroup$ Oct 18 '17 at 10:34

Well!I've made song changes on the Edit Box module. Let the Edit Box output pdu-type data. Code:

      float d_pda = pmt::to_float(d_msg);     
      pmt::pmt_t pda = pmt::cons(pmt::PMT_NIL, pmt::make_f32vector(8, 

Now I can use pdu_to_tagged_stream module to convert msg to float.And the float data can be shown in Number sink module.


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