I live in Austria (OE). There we have to change our call sign if we move beyond one of the 9 Austrian federal state's border. For example I lived near Innsbruck (Tyrol) with the sign OE7TKT. I moved to Graz (Styria) for studying - new call sign OE6TKT, next I moved to the capital Vienna - new call sign OE1TKT. Now I live in Klosterneuburg (Lower Austria) and I became OE3TKT.

Are there similar situations in other countries?

I know, in the US, you'll receive a call sign once and keep it as long as you are registered; in Germany (DL) too.


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Canada (Industry Canada) also requires amateur radio certificate holders to change call signs when they move to a different call sign prefix area

RIC-9 — Call Sign Policy and Special Event Prefixes


I believe in Great Britain if ham moves or travel to other area he has to change prefix.


To expand on the earlier answer : in the British Isles (except the Republic of Ireland - EI), the callsign prefix changes depending on which entity the operator is in.

My amateur callsign in England is G0SWG. If I operate in these entities, here is how I would have to identify myself:

England :           G0SWG
Scotland :         GM0SWG
Wales :            GW0SWG
Northern Ireland : GI0SWG
Isle of Man :      GD0SWG
Jersey :           GJ0SWG
Guernsey :         GU0SWG

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