There is this one youtube video I have not been able to find again, where someone with a similar model radio was making replica of the original loop antenna on the back.

I am wanting to make a replica of this antenna enter image description here

What would be the best way to remake one of these? What kind of gauge wire should I use? Should I add a ground? I found the schematics for the radio Tube Schematic

  • $\begingroup$ Youtube.com has a "History" button on the left of the screen that should list your "Watched" videos. I hope this helps. $\endgroup$ – Optionparty Sep 13 '16 at 21:44

Litz wire can be used. Compare with solid copper wire, it is more efficient and higher Q factor, due to skin effect.

No ground is needed.

Litz wire is used in modern version which uses ferrite core instead of air core. Modern version

Try search "loop antenna" and you can find more information, like Wikipedia on loop ant

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