I'm designing a circuit which uses the RF6886 amplifier IC. What is the maximum reverse power that the amplifier can sustain? At what reverse power will the amplifier die?


The datasheet has an interesting table on page 5, which lists VSWR 5:1 for most frequencies, and 3.5:1 for some frequencies.

You can calculate return power from VSWR.

  • VSWR 5:1 would 44.4444% of return power.
  • At a maximum of 34 dBm (which is about 2.5 watts), the maximum return power would be 1.1 watts (at VSWR 5:1).

However, it is stated as "survival", so you will have to be more careful then that. Either build a protection circuit, or simply match properly.

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You have, at least, 3 alternatives:

  • Read the datasheet. They mention SWR 5:1

  • Empirical research: Increase the SWR until smoke.

  • Avoid. Use a matchbox.


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