I am planning to set up an ESP8266 mesh network. If node A receives beacons from node B, does this mean node B can receive beacons from node A? Assume they are the same (same antenna, ...)


Generally, in the absence of environmental RF noise at either end, if you have two identical systems then if node 1 can hear node 2, then node 2 should be able to hear node 1.

However, if you can imagine a situation where you are upstairs in a house and people are sitting watching TV downstairs and you can hear them talking fairly quietly between themselves - you could be shouting quite loudly but they would not hear you because of the sound of the TV.

The same would apply in a WiFi network where node 1 has a lot of local noise (nearby microwave oven, BlueTooth devices, anything that uses frequencies at or near the 2.4GHz or 5GHz that it is using), then node 2 might be able to hear node 1 perfectly clearly but node 1 would not hear anything above the local noise.

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