I want to know this omnidirectional antenna's maximum distance:

  • gain 15 dBi
  • frequency 2400 GHz
  • power 50 watts

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Antennas don't have ranges. The maximum range of a link is determined by many factors in addition to the information you have about the antenna, among them:

  • the power output of the transmitter (not the power rating of the antenna)
  • the minimum usable signal of the receiver
  • the strength of interfering signals
  • the amount and type of obstacles (e.g. trees, building walls) between the two antennas

The only information you need about the antenna is its gain in the relevant direction (an “omnidirectional” antenna necessarily has less gain than a directional one).

Once you have gathered enough information, you can do a link budget calculation to model the expected performance. Have a look at the answers to this question: What is a link budget, and how do I make one?


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