Has anyone tested the new ICOM ID-51A Plus with regular repeaters (i.e. analog)?

I'm looking to quickly find the nearest repeater (and sign on with a PL code!) with like 1 or 2 clicks.

Is that possible with this radio?

What do you mean by "regular repeaters"? Do you mean analog repeaters?

I haven't found a list of analog repeaters built into the ID-51A, no. But I found this site that will give you the nearest several hundred repeaters to a given location (enter your city/state and click the button). You get them in CSV format which maybe is used by Icom's programming software?


But, even once you import that list I don't know if you can search by location. It may just fill the memory with those repeater frequencies and text labels.

  • Yeah, I just used that website. Just downloaded the stations on a MicroSD card and then imported it in. – Roger Aug 27 '15 at 13:42

Is case anyone is curious, yes...it does.

Simply push the middle button and a repeater list comes up.

It is simple to set up, as can be seen from this HOWTO guide


The ID-51A Plus behaves differently. Near repeater does NOT work as documented. I am hacking at it to try to figure it out. Following the instructions on the above link provides nothing. The to: is underlined and you cannot use the up down to go to the field to reset it. Basically you are stuck in a catch where a reset is required to get you out. If someone has the true solution I would like to see it. Also the Advanced instructions are dumbed down instructions. The Section 6 in Advanced instructions referenced on page xii in the Basic Instructions is no good. Too bad somebody did not know what they were doing documenting the transceiver. I am not fond of it because of the poor documentation

The ID-51A plus advertises that it finds FM repeaters via GPS location. I have tried everything but it does not work as advertised. It has worked in only one location where I live but I have tried it while traveling with no luck.
I called Icom support, they gave me some info that did not work. Very disappointing! They also state that the ID-5100A mobile does find FM repeaters but I do not trust them. I am probably not going to buy Icom in the future

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