I have a Yaesu FTDX-1200. There is a feature that allows storage of 3 sets of frequency for each of the band selection buttons. I tried pressing store and then the band button but it does not seem to store the current frequency.

How do you program these buttons?


The Triple Band Stack will simply remember (store) the last frequency entered or tuned for that band and stack position. Try this:

  1. pick a band - 40 meters - by pressing [7.0]
  2. Tune to a frequency
  3. Press [7.0] again and tune to a different freq on 40 meters
  4. Press [7.0] again and tune to yet a different freq on 40 meters

Now, press {7.0} repeatedly and you will cycle through the last 3 tuned (or entered) frequencies on that band. This is the triple band stack — there is no formal store command or button for the triple stack. The [STO] feature is for storing frequencies in Memory/Channel Groups.

The Triple Band Stack will not only store the frequency - it will store mode such as LSB or CW. Both VFO A and B have independent Triple Band Stacks!

I believe this is explained in the manual under “Convenience Features”.


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