ARRL Field Day Rules allow a GOTA station to be operated by "a generally inactive licensee. " There are members of my club which started to become active again after a long term of inactivity a few months before Field Day. Are they allowed to use the GOTA station, citing general inactivity?


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For the 2013 Field Day rules, this is answered in the FAQ in the information packet. Emphasis is in the original document.

Q. What is considered a generally inactive licensee?

A. The GOTA station is not for everyone. The generally inactive licensee provisions pertain to someone who holds an amateur that has been inactive for a significant period of time. The intent and the spirit of this station is to provide an opportunity for persons to gain on-the-air experience and progress to operating the regular club stations in the future. The intent is not to develop a group of “permanent GOTA Field Day operators”. This is also not a station that a club “ringer” operates in order to rack up points. The list of operators of this station must be submitted with the Field Day entry.

In order to claim the GOTA bonus, the club/group must provide a list of operators and the number of QSOs each operator makes at the GOTA station. Clubs should use their best judgment in determining the operators of the GOTA station.


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