When I was checking if my antenna is working properly using websdr.org, I came upon this: On 4480 kHz, there are some strange noises. You can also see it in the waterfall here. Is it just some interference, or is it some old abandoned mysterious creepy russian radio station like UVB-76 (the buzzer)? The signal covers a lot, roughly 4447-4503 kHz, so it makes it even more mysterious. I don't know what is it's name if it's a radio station, so I can't do research on it. But, all I know is that my poor EFHW antenna can't receive it. I'm looking for what is it's name, if it has one, and what does it do. Hopefully it's not a creepy radio station, because I have dealt with enough of those radio stations in my life. There hasn't been information on it (yet) on priyom.org.

UPDATE: Now, there is another smaller one at the WTWW station.

  • $\begingroup$ Regarding your last sentence, from my humble experience as engineer, there's a rule of thumb: unless proven otherwise, it's practically never "the other thing" that's broken, it's either one's own understanding or one's own usage or measurement. This has been a rather painful experience to make, but remembering it has helped me fix my mistakes ever since :-) $\endgroup$ Dec 30, 2023 at 14:17

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Oceanographic radar, aka CODAR. It's used to measure ocean currents, wave heights and frequencies by the way the waves reflect RF.


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