I've got an antenna Nagoya NA-771G (SMA Male) what kind of connector adapter do I need to fit for my Baofeng UV-5R


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The Baofeng you have is also a male SMA connector. Ideally for a good physical fit without introducing extra strain/leverage on the connector you might consider getting an SMA female version of the antenna.

Otherwise you will need an female-female SMA adapter. Make sure not to get any "RP-SMA" ones that are also fairly common since they are used for WiFi equipment — those half-swap the gender between the center pin direction and the main shield/connection threading, and won't work.

You want just a normal/standard female SMA fitting on both ends of what is sometimes called a "barrel" adapter:

A symmetrical female SMA adapter

(Image source: https://www.ticarte.com/contenido/la-tarjeta-de-red-wifi-del-equipo-microinformatico)


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