Discussion under this answer to Could amateur radio operators or others contact the ISS against NASA's wishes? in Space Exploration SE explore some activity from the Mir and ISS stations and the Space Shuttle, but I'm curious about the first proper Ham to Ham QSO by an astronaut who was in space at the time.

If an answer can cite known "firsts" for both code and for voice separately, that would be even better.

update: I just discovered that I'd asked three years ago a different but related question in Space Exploration SE. However, QSO's were not mentioned in the question or its answers.


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The first vehicle that carried amateur radio onboard was the Space Shuttle. The first QSO made from space was by Owen Garriott aboard the Space Shuttle Columbia in 1983. The transmission was voice.

While I can find some reference to contacting astronauts with CW, it seems pretty rare.

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