I recently purchased a Baofeng BF-H7, but I am unable to locate support for it on Chirp on Linux. Additionally, WINE does not support the actual software.

Are there any Chirp alternatives that I can use to program the radio, or is there a Chirp setting that I'm overlooking? Thank you.

(Yes, I have both a marine and an aviation VHF license. However, I also use the radio while hiking because I don't want to constantly carry around my marine radio.)


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According to multiple pages I found (among which this page), the radio should be programmable with Chirp if you use the settings for the Radioddity GA-510.

A couple of settings cannot be changed from within Chirp (mentioned are the start screen).

I do not own the radio so cannot check for you. If you manage to try, please let us know if that works.

Regarding Chirp under Linux, that shouldn't be an issue, with flatpack, PPA and snap options available.


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