I've been trawling the internet for more information and specs on the Motorola DP3400 Walkie Talkie's connector and the input/output signals on it. I know for sure from a few sources including this service manual (on page 3-4 in Section 3) that the connector pins as listed are Vcc (5Vdc), DATA+, DATA-, GND (for USB I presume), SPKR-, Ext MIC+, Ext MIC-, Ext PTT, SPK+, and another GND.

I would like to ensure that the pin-out of a specific head-set I am considering is suitable for these type of connexions, and since the supplier cannot directly confirm this info, I am looking at some other documentation by Motorola or another reliable source that my provide more detail. AS it stand, the above service Manual does not indicate what may be intputs or outputs (other than some being obviously only outputs etc.), so I was hoping I could find more details on these pins and their functions and their use, programmability (it any) etc.

Anybody knows of where such details may be obtained, more so than what is given in the Service Manual? I am also interested, for instance, in the Ext PTT pin, and if this is only ever an input pin, or if it can be programmed to be an output (via the Programming Software which I don't have access to), say, to also activate a remote PTT for whatever reason. These type of details are not covered in the Service Manual that I could find.



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