I bought a pre-owned Yaesu FT-847 with Microham Digikeyer II interface (both used and sold by the seller as a set) and cannot make it to transmit on digital modes.

FT-847 requires PTT to be applied to the DATA IN/OUT jack on rear panel (although marked "data" it is actually audio in/out signal connection). This PTT signal should also inhibit FT-847 microphone when active.

Digikeyer II has to be configured via Microham Device Router. I have CAT working over virtual serial port and also can apply hardware PTT using DTR signal on the same port. When I want to transmit, Digikeyer indicates by LED that audio signal is present at its internal soundcard output, the FSK LED is not blinking. Transceiver goes into transmit mode, but there is no output signal regardless of PC software volume setting, Digikeyer output level setting and FT-847 microphone gain setting. By changing MIC level I can hear some weak output (noise) being transmitted, but not the desired digital mode audio tone(s).

However, when I test the soundcard output using test function in Microham Device Router, it produces test tone and FSK LED on Digikeyer is flashing; not only FT-847 switches into transmit, but it outputs signal depending on drive level set at Digikeyer, up to full power.

Apparently, Microham Device Router seems to be able to activate audio line PTT to enable digital mode transmission, but none of the commonly used applications (fldigi, JTDX, WSJT-X, JS8Call) can produce the desired combination of signals.

Do you know how to set this up?



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