I was recently scanning through the short-wave frequencies and stumbled upon a series of repeating tones, which then cut to classical music and then a woman speaking French (unconfirmed). Later I was unable to locate anything but static on that frequency.

I recorded the brief moment on my phone and the recording can be listened to here (SoundCloud).

I am aware that numbers stations exist and are known to start with repeating tones, The Lincolnshire Poacher is known for this - though this beacon seemed to be ending on one, not beginning.

Am I just confusing a commercial station's opening signals for something more? The UK Shipping Forecast is always lead into by a musical score for people to listen for when tuning in and perhaps this is just a similar method.

What is frustrating is that the tones played in the beacon are somewhat recognisable but I cannot place where they are from.


Frequency: 11970khz

Date & Time: 13/09/2014 - 20:59 (DD/MM/YYYY - HH-MM)


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After catching it again today, at 19:30 BST on 5.90mhz I looked it up on shortwaveschedule. It seems to be the lead-in call for Radio Romania International.

Mystery solved.

The introductory music & beacon can also be heard on this old recorded broadcast from 2011.


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