I am trying to use terminal mode for the first time on my Icom ID-52A. I am already registered on DStar (through the UTRUST/national site, not a specific repeater). I am trying to understand what the various RS-MS3W fields mean but the instructions are of little help.

Where do I get a domain name/ip for the gateway repeater? I'm a not registered with a specific repeater (I registered with the nation dstar website). I know a local repeater's dashboard is visible at BB2BBB.dstargateway.org, can I use that? (It seems to resolve to the IP of a local repeater)

For terminal/AP callsign, I assume I put my call sign like "AA1AA I" (where I is a random suffix I picked)

After that, all attempts to transmit say:

RPT1: Failed to connect to network
RPT2: Failed to connect to network
UR:         I

then the screen goes back to


I confirmed my firewall is not blocking any ports.


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The domain/IP you need is that of the gateway software of a repeater on the D-Star network.

I haven't found a uniform way to find the IP, other than to peep at the logs on my hotspot (have done on my pi-star powered zumspot, as well via the status screen of my openspot3).

This IP address then goes into the Gateway Repeater (Server IP/Domain) field of the GUI.

Your call sign and a module letter of your choice then goes in the Terminal/AP Call sign field... make sure to pad this with spaces between your call sign and module number so that it's exactly 8 characters long. If your call sign is w7abc and the module letter you've chosen is B, then this entry would look like W7ABC B which is 5 character call sign + 2 spaces + 1 module letter == 8 characters total.

You can experiment to see if the Gateway Type radio button matters for you, I only have tried Global since it works and I'm not in Japan.

Then, make sure your com port is correctly selected after plugging in the OPC-2350LU dongle that came with your radio, and put your radio into Terminal Mode (Menu -> DV Gateway -> Terminal Mode).

Now in terminal mode you no longer have any option to set the FROM to anything other than your call sign... which makes sense since terminal mode is all about using your radio as the FROM device.


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