I have an IC-7300.

When observing weak signals, the spectrum scope has signal peaks that are way too small. Just now I was listening to a clearly audible CW signal that was easily heard but hardly moved the spectrum scope at all. I had to squint at it!

I'd like to set the gain of the 'signal scope' (not the waterfall!).

I can set the reference level of the scope, but this only shifts the zero-value of both the spectrum and the waterfall up/down. I can set the Waterfall Peak Color Level, but this only changes the gain of the color scale of the waterfall. It does not set the decibels per vertical line in the scope itself.

How do I set the gain of the spectrum scope?

Compound image of two Icom 7300 screenshots, one with a small and the other with a large deflection of the spectrum scope.

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To access "Spectrum Scope" Settings Menu : (press and hold) EXPD / SET. The manual entry on this page is on page 71 (https://www.manualslib.com/manual/1106166/Icom-Ic-7300.html?page=71#manual)

It does not appear to have a gain adjustment.


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