I am running a Yaesu FT-991A and am wondering which low and high cut slope settings would be the better to use on CW mode as far as making sure I don't get key clicks. The default menu # 051 = CW LCUT FREQ is 18db/octave = (18 decibels per octave) and default menu # 052 = CW HCUT FREQ is also 18db/octave. The only other menu choice is 6db/octave. Which would be the best setting to use?


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I am certain that this adjustable filter is for reception only.

Note that the Yaesu FT-991A operating manual describes settings 051 and 052 under a section titled “Adjustable Receiver Audio Filter”. I haven't used the FT-991A myself, but every radio I have used has similar settings for CW mode.

The filter will have no effect on your transmitted signal; you should adjust it to whatever settings you find suitable for listening.

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