I'm new to HFSS Software and I'm trying to plot Scattering parameters for a dielectric resonator excited by a probe (shown in image). I know that the top cylinder has a higher dielectric than the bottom cylinder. I also know that the cavity is a metal. The structure is from chapter 11 of "Microwave Filters for Communication Systems: Fundamentals, Design, and Applications" book (https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/book/8341843). Now my questions are:

  • Do I provide waveport excitation to outer part of the probe?
  • Since the cavity is a metal is that my ground or do I need to have a ground beneath the substrate?
  • I know that inside the cavity should be air. How do I make that happen in HFSS?
  • I need to basically cut a hole in the cavity structure to place the probe in right?
  • What is the difference between waveport and lumped port excitation?
  • What is the difference between modal and terminal solution types?

Help in any of the questions will be greatly appreciated.

enter image description here

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