In order to simulate the measurements on the computer (in the WinProp environment) I have to set the maximum Tx power:

enter image description here

To find out what the transmitter signal power is, I checked it on the spectrum analyzer on the receiver. The receiver path gain was set to 6dB [Rx Gain] (USRP devices are uncalibrated, this 6dB setting in the receiver is a 'calibration' - Comparison with a calibrated device shows that then the results are correct. This is how my advisor told me to measure it). The results from the spectrum analyzer are shown in the figure below:

enter image description here

I read from the analyzer that the power value is equal to -55 dBm. However, I measured for a receiver gain of 6dB. In fact, in the measurements I am operating at a receiver gain of 20 dB [Rx gain]. In this case, should I add 14 dB to the -55 dBm power value? Will this be my Tx power that I can enter in WinProp?

The transmitter path gain was set to 10 dB [Tx gain]. The receiver gain was set to 20 dB [Rx gain]. How to calculate max Tx Power from this, taking into account my calculations above (for 6dB receiver gain)?


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