I am not sure what to put in the TNC Port window on Xastir if I'm using a Mobilinkd TNC2. Xastir has directions for just this however, it is for Ubuntu Linux. https://xastir.org/index.php/HowTo:BluetoothTNC I'm on Mac OSX 10.15.5 and rfcomm doesn't exist.

I think I need to bind the bluetooth device/port to another port to keep it open. I may be making stuff up though.

I have tried entering the ports from /dev/* that are related to the device (ie. tty.MobilinkdTNC2-DevB) but it still fails.


After pairing to the TNC, use the "cu.***" port as the address in Xastir.

For me it was: "/dev/cu.MobilinkdTNC2-DevB". Set the baud to 9600 and click done.

My connection failed after about 15 minutes. I unpaired, repaired, and then the connection stayed up.


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