Disclaimer: I'm aware of legal issues regarding EWS! Rest assured that there is no need for concern as this is a small-scale, proof of concept done in a controlled enviroment!


I'm trying to send EWS signals over DAB+ with my HackRF One, but I haven't really been able to figure it out yet. Is there someone who has attempted the same and had success?

I have been reading ETSI's European Standard and their Technical Specification. But that doesn't really give examples for implementation. I do however have some vague gist as to how the protocol works after reading those but that's about it.

There is an existing, open-source project available on Github for sending custom data over DAB+ but that has only gotten me so far. I did however manage to send custom, non-EWS signals over DAB+ but I digress.

After some closer inspection of their project, I did see some recurring things come by such as FIG and FIG0. Having read the ETSI documents, EWS could be enabled if some bit field (bit field 0 according to ETSI TS 101 700) is turned on by a simple 1 (?). This is as far as my knowledge regarding EWS and DAB+ goes. I was hoping that some other knowledgeable individual has had succes in doing this.

Any kind of input regarding how, whether it's possible with that open-source project, or anything else is greatly appreciated! Thank you for your time!

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