I am curious whether the Anytone AT-D878UV (which is a DMR radio) can be programmed to receive dPMR channels.

I understand that the big difference between DMR and dPMR is the technique used to divide the 12.5kHz channels into 2 6.25kHz sub-channels: DMR uses TDMA (time division) while dPMR uses FDMA (frequency division).

Is there a way to switch the radio to FDMA? Would it be enough to support dPMR channels?

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I'm tempted to believe that using dual time slots (DCDM) mode might work with dPMR, since you are no longer bothering with TDMA. However, I couldn't find anything in my research. Try switching the AT-D878UV to use both time slots at the same time and test it with a dPMR radio on simplex. While it probably won't work, it's your best bet since DCDM does not rely on time synchronization, so it may just be a rebranded dPMR mode for simplex.


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