I'm working on a S2LP from ST and I am configuring the RX digital filter. I need to calculate the bandwidth of the signal which has 2GFSK modulation.

Do you think the code below is correct for estimating the signal bandwidth for a given XO and a given datarate ?

    uint8_t xo_ppm = 10;
    xRadioInit.lFrequencyBase = 869400000;
    xRadioInit.lDatarate = 80000;
    xRadioInit.lFreqDev = xRadioInit.lDatarate / 2;

    double drift = (xo_ppm / 1e6) * xRadioInit.lFrequencyBase;
    xRadioInit.lBandwidth = xRadioInit.lDatarate + 2 * xRadioInit.lFreqDev + 2 * uint32_t(drift);

Screenshot of PDF

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