I have a baofeng DMR radio with SMS feature, and since there is not much DMR radio owners in my area I want to do something myself.

The easiest thing I can do I thought is to send myself some SMS as I did with a POCSAG pager using my hackrf one.

But I haven't found any software to do that. All I found is MMDVM-SDR program on github which acts as a MMDVM modem utilizing a fake serial port. It allows to get commands from the MMDVM-Host and modulate them as IQ WAV file.

There is one problem: that MMDVM modem protocol has no commands to send DMR SMS. It only accepts "DMR DATA packet" at different rates. I tried to google for "DMR AIR interface" but it also has no mentions of SMS.

By that time I learned that DMR SMS is a non-standartized thing which leaves me with this questions (one is part of the another):

  • What format all those TYT and Baofeng radios is using, where I can get it's datasheet.
  • How to make a DMR SMS packet for my radio and send it to a MMDVM modem emulator or directly to the SDR using some other modem software?

PS: I tried to record my radio's signal with SDR and play it back. With voice it works, I can hear myself, but with SMS it doesn't work for some reason: my radio just ignores them (maybe that is because it's number in both from and to fields?)


Message sending is not part of DMR standard. Messages are transmitted in CSBKs, Control Signalling Blocks

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