I am making a superhet SSB CW receiver with a crystal filter on the input after the mixer.

  1. Do I have to use IF transformers as the coupling method?
  2. Or can I use capacitor coupling with resistors as the collector load?
  3. Or are RFCs better?

Can I use the simple biasing arangement (B) or the normal bias (A)?

I am aiming for low noise, high sensitivity and ease of construction, this receiver is meant to be reproduced by other people as an relatively easy project.

Is 50 voltage gain per stage good enough, I calculated I need 3 stages for 0.2uV signal to be translated into a 25mV one that will feed the diode mixer detector and AGC amplifier plus detector.

IF is 455kHz. Should I control all the IF stages (AGC to the base) or some different solution?




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