I am wondering if I can use that dvb-t device to listen 48-836 mhz?



if it's no, why? thanks..


If the specific device is built around the Realtek RTL2832U chip, then the rtl-sdr driver software will be able to use it as an SDR.

If it uses a different chip, then that driver will not work. It might still be possible to use that hardware, but would require writing new driver software and possibly reverse-engineering (the same as the original RTL-SDR development project).

It is also worth noticing that rtl-sdr actually does not use the DVB-T capabilities of the devices it works with at all — the raw-samples mode of the chip is narrow-band compared to what is required to receive DVB-T and was used by the original software to receive FM radio, not video. Hardware that only has a DVB-T mode cannot be used as a SDR.


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