The question came up during a club event, and obviously we checked the regulations.


From this document the details in regards to required logbook keeping:

  1. dates of transmission;
  2. the times (in UTC standard time), during each day of the first and last transmissions from the Station and changes made to the frequency band, mode of emission or power;
  3. frequency band of transmission;
  4. mode of transmission;
  5. power level (dBW or W);
  6. initial calls ("CQ" calls) whether or not they are answered; and
  7. the call-sign of licensed Amateur Stations with which communications have been established.

All this is clear, except item 3.

The question here is, what is meant by "frequency band of transmission"

  1. the frequency, e.g. "7.123 MHz"
  2. the band, e.g. "40m"
  3. both the band and frequency, e.g. "7.123 MHz 40m"
  4. either the band or frequency, e.g. "7.123 MHz" |or| "40m"

My question:

What is minimum required here, in regards to "frequency band of transmission" ?

In my own interpretation of this, I would believe the requirement is logging the "band" as the minimum requirement, e.g "40 meter" or "40m"


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I'm neither from Ireland nor involved in legal issues, so please take this answer with a grain of salt.

From the document you had linked I would argue that 'frequency band' can be referred to Annex A1.3 table 1 as that states:

The frequency bands specified in Table 1 below ...

So it's something like:

  • 7100-7200 kHz

That corresponds also to my rf engineering point of view that a 'band' represents a frequency range and not a single frequency.

But as long as an abbreviation is unambiguous my personal guess is that it should be ok as well.


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